The Agony of the Feet: A Refined Way to Waste Time

The Agony of the Feet is for bored or anxiety-ridden types who know what a spondee is and can deal with participles.

When you fill in blanks in this game, the number of syllables per word, and the ways in which these syllables are accented, is key. Please use this as a reference, in case you’ve forgotten this stuff:

  • If there is no mention of feet (iambic, trochaic, anapestic, dactylic, spondaic), then the word is monosyllabic.
  • Words with more than one syllable will be referred to as one of the following:
    • Iambic: destroy
    • Anapestic: intervene
    • Trochaic: topsy
    • Dactylic: merrily
    • Spondaic: hum drum
  • If it asks for the base form of a verb, that’s the part that comes after “to” in the infinitive form, as in “to be or not to be,” and “to eat or not to eat.”
  • If it asks for a present participle, then it’s a verb form ending in “-ing.”
  • If it asks for a past participle, then it’s a verb form probably ending in “-ed” (unless the verb is irregular)

Here are the templates. Click on one of them; fill in the blanks; then see what you’ve got:

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