Who the #@%? is Jincy?


An aging, bitter, unpleasant woman living in Escondido, California, who spends her days parsing the sentences of total strangers and her nights teaching and writing. Sometimes, late at night, in the dark, she laughs inappropriately.

jincy & pens

If you can read this, you’re too close.

9 Comments Who the #@%? is Jincy?

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  5. Pamela Naatz-Runner

    I’m sitting in the cafe at the ESCO Barnes & Noble and I think they’re going to ask me to leave: I can’t control this ridiculous laughter that is burbling out of me as I’m reading The Writing Class. Thanks. Yesterday I was walking 5 unhappy miles and lessened the agony of the trek by beginning a list of “Words That Do What They Say.” I started with FAVORITE.

  6. Jincy Willett

    Glad you’re enjoying it! If you can give me more Words That Do What They Say, I’d be happy to start a list here. I’m just not yet sure what they are…

  7. Sarah

    I picked up a copy of “The writing class” to entertain me on a flight, and I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything else until I had read it. I no sooner did so, than I had to download an audio version of “Amy falls down” so that I can continue to engage with the lives of such entertaining characters. I shall miss them when I reach the end of this book.

  8. Michelle

    I just finished “Amy Falls Down”, and it kept me wondering what was going to happen next to Amy Gallup. I could relate to her character because I don’t suffer fools lightly either, and find the uprising of popularity of e-books vs paper quite sad, to be honest. Thank you for writing such a full-bodied and robust character, and for using such rich vocabulary and not talking down to me (the reader). Now I need to sink my teeth into your other books.

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