Jincy’s Works

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Her stories have been published in

  • The Yale Review
  • The Massachusetts Review
  • Playgirl
  • Cosmopolitan
  • McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern
  • The Lifted Brow
  • 5Stories
  • Gigantic

Books made entirely of Jincy:
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Books containing parts of Jincy:
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Fame and Honour (English version, Winner of the National Book Award)L'Ouvre-Boite (French translation, Jenny and the Jaws of Life) Gloire Honneur et mauvais temps  51kepguv08l__ss400_die-dramaturgie0003



Translations so far:

  • L’Ouvre-Boite (Jenny and the Jaws of Life),  published by Autrement.
  • Gloire, Honneur et mauvais temps (Winner of the National Book Award),   published by Edition Phebus, 2007, paperback 2009.
  • Italian  rights  to  Jenny
  • Fame and Honour (Winner of the National Book Award),  published by Headline Book Publishing, England
  • Kurz tvůrčího psaní (The Writing Class),  published by Knizni Klub, 2010
  • The Writing Class  rights to Turkey
  • Die Dramaturgie des totens  (German trans., 2009)
  • El taller de escritura    (Spanish trans., 2012)  


Her finest Work:

me and et Baby ET  ed mt lion

21 Comments Jincy’s Works

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  2. Connie Locke

    I just entered “Amy Falls Down” and your voice had me nibbling with interest but at ” … forces, inertia and momentum began to announce themselves, clearing their throats politely,,,” I became permanently hooked, An author’s voice that causes me to laugh out loud in delight and surprise? Priceless.
    I can’t buy a book – get what I read from outreach at the public library – and if I bought all the books I read, I’d have no room to walk never mind lie down. 83+ old and honored to have made your acquaintance. You have other novels for me to feed on . Bless you

  3. Connie Locke

    I just started “Amy Falls Down” and your voice had me nibbling but at “…forces, inertia and momentum, began to announce themselves, clearing their throats politely, …” I became permanently hooked. Any author’s voice that causes me to laugh out loud in delight and surprise is my hero. So I’m your devoted reader. I won’t buy a book from you – I get a ‘bag of books” every month from the Outreach program at the local library. That’s who introduced us. Bless you. And thanks for being out there.

  4. maria harris

    encouraging you to write more amy books…they make my day …. too many years between them…cheers

  5. Georgia

    I just finished reading “The Writing Class”, I enjoyed it immensely.
    It was one of the very few books that I wanted to read thoroughly, not miss a word.
    I can’t wait to read “Amy Falls Down”.

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