Jincy’s Works

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Her stories have been published in

  • The Yale Review
  • The Massachusetts Review
  • Playgirl
  • Cosmopolitan
  • McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern
  • The Lifted Brow
  • 5Stories
  • Gigantic

Books made entirely of Jincy:

Books containing parts of Jincy:



Fame and Honour (English version, Winner of the National Book Award)L'Ouvre-Boite (French translation, Jenny and the Jaws of Life) Gloire Honneur et mauvais temps  51kepguv08l__ss400_die-dramaturgie0003



Translations so far:

  • L’Ouvre-Boite (Jenny and the Jaws of Life),  published by Autrement.
  • Gloire, Honneur et mauvais temps (Winner of the National Book Award),   published by Edition Phebus, 2007, paperback 2009.
  • Italian  rights  to  Jenny
  • Fame and Honour (Winner of the National Book Award),  published by Headline Book Publishing, England
  • Kurz tvůrčího psaní (The Writing Class),  published by Knizni Klub, 2010
  • The Writing Class  rights to Turkey
  • Die Dramaturgie des totens  (German trans., 2009)
  • El taller de escritura    (Spanish trans., 2012)  


Her finest Work:

me and et Baby ET  ed mt lion

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