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…all of which are ignored.  Still, it’s nice to be noticed.


absurder   asunder

Baba Yaga     Baba Gaga

blurbed   blared, burbled

Bobisode     Boise

Bunschaft     bun’s haft

bursty   busty

clacketing   closeting

Cloacina   cocaine

corvines   corniness

crapload     cartload, carload

cretinous     creationist, resinous

decomp     decamp

farty     fatty, party, arty

Fedexed   fidgeted

fetich   fetch

Fugard   sugared

glancingly   clankingly

gonna   gonad

groped   grouped

insectile     invective, infertile

Lex   lox

mashup   mishap

memetic     mimetic, emetic, meme tic

midwater     midwinter

Mount Pelée   Mount Peewee

mousing moussing, housing

neuronically   neurotically

neuroticized eroticized

p.o.v.     p.m.

pervy   purvey, nervy, privy

prosecco   prospector

redtail     retail

rehaul     Renault

Roofy     roomy, goofy

sithen     zither

tautog     tutu, tattoo

Tex-Mex     Tex-Maxi

thuggees   thuggish

unamused     amused, unmasked

unmagical   numerical, unmusical

untasted     untoasted, unstated

viatical   piratical

voguing     gouging, pogoing, rouging

walkies   willies, walkups, wackiest

whitecoats     whiteouts, whitecaps


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  1. Chris Conroy wrote:

    That’s my favorite game when I’m procrastinating during re-writes. I call it Spellcheck Roulette.

    Friday, March 1, 2013 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

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