Reviews for The Writing Class

According to critics, I’ve written:

A Sizzling Summer Beach Read:

[F]irst-rate satire…not even the mean-spirited sniper can find anything evil to say about the endearing Amy, whose quirky Web site (called “Go Away”) is a gold mine of literary nuggets:

A Killer Murder Mystery:

Not Your Usual Murder Mystery:,23739,23889208-5003424,00.html

[A] black comedy about an adult-ed class gone bad. The Writing Classis an old-fashioned locked-door mystery in which strangers are trapped in a classroom with a sociopath in their midst.

A Fall-off-your-chair-funny, Yet Gently Sad Murder Mystery:

A Delicious Satire Savag[ing] Every Literary Pretension Imaginable:

An Engaging and Very Funny Novel about a Diverse Group of People Learning to Write: Canberra Times, 5/7/2008

A Clever Page-Turner: Australian Women’s Weekly, July, 2008

A Darkly Comic Murder Mystery: Sydney Daily Telegraph, 6/28/2008

A  Readable and Entertaining Mystery but it’s also more than that. It explores, albeit lightly, the underbelly of the writing world:

A Dark Comedy of the Absurd [and] Damn Fine Guide to Writing Fiction: (Publishers Weekly)

A Murder Mystery Written by Someone Who Maybe Doesn’t Like, and Definitely Doesn’t Understand, Murder Mysteries: (Snarkus Kirkus Reviews)

 Mystery! Mayhem!:

A  Marvelous Toy of a Book, Full of Wry Surprises and Sly Twists: Booklist Magazine (ALA), May 2008

A BookSense Pick:

A Darkly Comic Mystery:

[with]    Zany Humor…Blended with Intelligence and Empathy for People Worth Knowing, at Least in a Book:

[following] the Same Advice that Innumerable Writing Teachers Give: Write What You Know:

A Kooky and Spooky Whodunit:\

What’s Hot in the Media:

A  Terrifically Engrossing Page-turner, a Comic Thriller that is Likely to be One of the Great Reads of the Summer of 2008:

The Most Profound Contribution to Western Letters since the Gutenburg Bible:

Cultural Notes from All Over

From the North County Times Books Calendar for June  1:

 — At The Book Works, Flower Hill Promenade, 2670 Via de la Valle, Suite A230, Del Mar, (858) 755-3735:

Shawn Tomson will sign and discuss “Surfer’s Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life” at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Jincy Willett will discuss and sign “The Writing Class”at 7 p.m. June 23.

— At The Yellow Brick Road, 7200 Parkway Drive, Suite 118, La Mesa, (619) 463-4900:

The June B. Jones Stupid Smelly Bus Tour will visit at 9 a.m. June 9.