Name That List (and no fair Googling)

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The spur of cheese.

The mustard-pot of penance.

The cobbled shoe of humility.

The furred cat of the Solicitors and Attorneys.

The Teeth-chatter or Gum-didder of Lubberly Lusks.

The Ape’s Paternoster.

The Fat Belly of the Presidents.

The Merciless Cormorant, by Hoxinidno the Jew.


13 Comments Name That List (and no fair Googling)

  1. Javon

    Presenting this as a “puzzle” is very misleading. Such a waste of time trying to figure out what these have in common when the answer is some obscure reference to an existing list, (which is nearly impossible to know without context).

  2. Gary

    Books in a chamber mentioned in Gargantua and Pantagruel – I am reading it, and admit I ran across this question because I was seeking a translation of some book title whuch are not translated in the version I am reading.

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