Guter kummer!

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  1. Timothy Hallinan

    If someone described THE WRITING CLASS to me with the amount of delight I’m taking in reading it, I’d learn German just to read it.

    You’re sensational. Oh, and the new Diesel Books in Brentwood (CA) has THE WRITING CLASS stacked twelve deep just to the left of the door. So someone who works there is an actual reader.

  2. Tobias Hartung

    Dear Jincy Willett,

    I’m a German bookseller and I just finished ‘Die Dramaturgie des Totens’ aka ‘The Writing Class’. It’s 2:43 in the morning but I just could not stop reading! I really liked it and I’m looking forward to the release date in November;).

    All the best!

  3. Christopher Allen

    I’m so happy The Writing Class has been translated into German. Now I can tell all my friends in Munich to buy to the book…and I will. I’m so obnoxious.

    Christopher Allen

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