Dissolution Rate Does Not Help: More Adventures in Machine Translation

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 Kurz tvůrčího psaní. Detective novel Detektivní román

Jincy Willettova

Detective story of modern and popular environment of creative writing courses for the public. Lonely, aging writer Amy Gallup is faced with the difficult task – to reveal the mastermind of the attacks led by members of her new group of students. Dissolution rate does not help, enthusiastic participants in it – and the search for perpetrators – continued secretly.   However, the escalating attacks and soon the innocent practical jokes become murderous deeds and adepts Writers craft their victims.

N.B. I hope it’s obvious with these Machine Translation posts that the books themselves have not been machine translated.   They’ve been translated by actual gifted human translators.   I just enjoy going to bookseller and review websites and machine-translating the text.   Obviously even with the cross-stitching I have too much time on my hands.

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