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I’m thinking of taking up writing workshops again.  In the olden days, I taught in bookstores and on campus extensions.  Right now, I’m torn between some sort of Zoom class or using my own home in Escondido, which I would greatly prefer.

I’ve heard from quite a few of you, and most seem interested in Zoom workshops.  If so, we can begin to set up a schedule.  Right now, I’m thinking of this:

  1.  Zoom workshop groups limited, perhaps to 6, although that may change.
  2. Either one meeting per week or one every two weeks, during which student chapters/stories, having been read by everyone before class (we won’t be reading aloud) are discussed in depth.
  3. For a fee, I’m thinking of $100 per class.
  4. If there’s enough interest, I could perhaps have two separate groups, each with the same schedule.
  5. Payment using PayPal (or check).
  6. How many meetings to attend/pay for would be up to individual members.  The group membership might change as a result.  We’ll see.
  7. Of course, the trick would be to find a meeting schedule amenable to everybody.  We’re probably not all on the same time zone.
  8. If there are enough people in San Diego County willing to trek up to Escondido (which I know can be a pain), we could work up an in-person schedule here.

I could also to work remotely with individuals who want feedback on their work.  I’m not drawn to this for two reasons:

  1. I’m not a book doctor or marketer or agent, so I could not promise that in the end the writer would have a publishable work.
  2. Workshops are the best way I know for writers to improve.  Critical reading of others’ fiction sharpens your own critical skills, which are essential for all writers.
  3. Still, if you’re interested in doing this, let me know, and we can decide on a schedule and fee.

Since I’m contacting you on FB, please respond, if you’re interested, using Messenger, or post a reply here.






3 Comments Writing Class

  1. Emily O'Connor

    I am very very interested in zoom workshops!! please keep me on the list!

  2. Vickie DeHamer

    I want in! Zoom workshops, $100/class, six weeks I’m guessing? Anyhow, please add me to your list if it really happens.

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