The Onion Does It Again

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Just as theirs was the most appropriate response to 9/11 (sadly, no trace of that brilliant headline remains on the web), they wrote the best 11/4 headline (and article):

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  1. robert crabtree

    Jincy willet

    hi. i don’t know what i’m doing. flailing desperately. i guess this is a place to write to you, mz jincy (since it’s suthin). there’s a place called ‘the lee child homepage’ where one can write and sometimes mr child will read it and reply. my aunt loaned me your book, told me i would like it. and i am liking it. i just got started — they are talking about the fat lady’s rope poem — but i just want to say i have laughed a handful of times now. i haven’t laughed from the same spot in my spirit since 1974 when i read ‘the fan man’ by william kotzwikle. it’s a good feeling, this laughter you cause in me. i just thought i’d share that with you.


    I am not killer or a suicidal person. Just a nut who got ahold of your book.

    robert crabtree

  2. Jincy

    Flailing desperately is my standard mode of locomotion. It’s lovely to hear from you, Robert. Personally, I think I’m a riot, but there’s no such thing as universal funny. When a book’s blurbs promise gut-busting hilarity and the reader doesn’t once crack a smile, that reader often gets testy. One of mine actually drove over and over my last novel in his own driveway. I’m so happy that I made you laugh. Cheers!

  3. robert crabtree

    Thank you for writing. Regarding universal humor, I can tell you how over the years I have recommended ‘catcher in the rye’ to many people, and I always told them it was very funny. And they, (if they read it,) usually were baffled that I thought it was funny. One friend told me it was the most depressing thing he’d ever read in his life. I mean, I knew it was ‘depressing’ in its reality, but the observational stuff amused me and changed me — enlightened me. I still get ‘the green dress’ blues all the time. But they’re good blues — they keep me focused on wanting people to be happy. I’m ‘rambling’ but that’s what I do. Stream of conscious. I forget who inspired me to write — and yammer away — like that. Richard Brautigan? I’m assuming you’re about my age since you’re so “old” — or almost my age. 1952. I wish I was born two years earlier so I could have been born exact half way through the century. Or forty eight years later. I’ll tell you one more thing, since you’re a writing teacher, and it contributed to my stream of conscious writing, which is where my stream of conscious has lead me now: one of the most influential teachers I ever had was one I didn’t even have. She was my good friend Gary Giffin’s senior year English teacher and she had her class write for an hour a day (or was it twenty minutes?) without stopping for a moment, writing what ever came to mind. In a journal. I envied my friend his assignment and did it too and loved it. So anyway, i’m now gonna climb out of that stream, up onto the bank, dry myself off, and go watch the rest of ‘3:10 to yuma’, which I bought today for only four bux, along with ET and the horse whisperer, also four bux each. Are they gonna make ‘the writing class’ into a movie? How about michelle phieffer for the teacher? She needs job and there aren’t that many rolls out there for old ladies, exept for in harty potter movies. cheers to you too. robert

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