Unintriguing Headlines

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Here’s a new list. ¬† These must be substantiated.

Bullies May Get Kick Out of Seeing Others in Pain


Portuguese sausage sighted in North County


 Drunken dialing, mental confusion prompt frivolous calls to 911


5 Comments Unintriguing Headlines

  1. Brian Cook

    Nothing to do with lists or unintriguing headlines, I simply wanted to tell you that I bought The Writing Class recently and LOVED it. Thank you. I deal with writers and I will recommend your book to them, for many, many reasons connected with entertainment and laughter but also about great writing and stroty telling, and writing craft. I bought my copy in Australia and carried it with me and read on my travels around the Greek Isles and left it with my daughter in the UK to read. She aspires to write fiction and I suggested she would possibly not only enjoy your book but learn a good deal too.
    Again thanks and congratulations on writing such a delight. More power to you. Best wishes.

  2. Jincy

    Thanks so much, Brian! I love that you bought it in Australia. Scribe Publications, which published it there, is unfailingly supportive and gracious to its authors; they actually continue the old tradition of mailing us xeroxed reviews, which must cost quite a bit in postage. I hope your daughter enjoys the book.

  3. Cap'n Ganch

    Can’t think of much for the first one (“For Bullies, No Pain, No Gain”?), but here’s my try for the second:

    “Portugal Sticks Its Weiner Where It Doesn’t Belong”

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